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So I play hockey with about 5 or 6 Czechs. They know I am from Calgary.

And today, every single one of them made a point of not only informing me, but *congratulating* that Cervenka had chosen to sign in Calgary.

The general consensus (among the Czechs, who are likely homers, but have seen the guy play for many years) is that his upside is 'NHL Franchise Player', as in he-may-replace-Jarome-Iginla. His bare minimum, as far as the Czechs are concerned, is a 20+ goal season in the NHL, and they are 110% convinced that he will
be our 1st line centre ahead of Jokinen (even if Jokinen stays).

I make no claims or warranties, I am just relating what a half a dozen or so Czech hockey players went out of their way to tell me today.
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