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Originally Posted by Poe969 View Post
So Babchuck hasn't earned ice time? We've called up guys from the heat because they've earned their ice time over a guy with the hardest shot on the team, a guy who was our power play last year? And how the hell is Stajan supposed to earn his ice time when he's put on the fourth line with scrubs? He's done everything thats asked of him and more. If TK or Jackman would convert a pass once in a while Stajan would have a ton of assists. Stajan was put on the fourth line and is playing the role he's given, he's tried to change his game to be a fourth line guy but thats not what he is, he's doing a decent job of it but that doesn't warrent more ice time I guess.

I don't buy the whole accountability thing with Brent. He gets something in his head and then puts the blinlders on.
Kostopolous and Jackman have been much better hockey players for the better part of 2 years now. Why do they have to play with a scrub like Stajan? Kostopolous and Jackman get lots of chances by bumping and grinding down low. Very few times this year either of them have been setup by Stajan.

I'm pretty sure the only reason the guy is in the NHL right now is because he makes too much money to send down. Completely weak on the puck, can't get a cycle going, constantly turns the puck over, and has what seems to be just the weakest shots in the NHL right now.

If Stajan can't do something as simple as play 4th line hockey, how do any of you expect him to jump up to the second line and put up points? I'm not saying he won't do it, I'd be absolutely thrilled if Stajan started earning his pay cheaque. But after watching the guy play like poop for 2 years, and hearing all the stuff about how "Stajan has to stop feeling sorry for himself" I'm under the impression that if it smells like poop and looks like poop it's probably just poop.
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