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9 1 3
02:22 PM
A group for all the CP'ers in and around Ottawa
9 1 45
12:36 PM
For people interested in regular live CP poker tournaments.
8 1 5
09:04 AM
Got a tee time with some extra spaces? Why not post in here and play with fellow cpers!!
8 1 7
12:18 PM
8 1 10
10:59 PM
To discuss UFO/UAP matters without the bozo eruptions and and numpties that want to obstruct the fun discussion around this topic, even if the best evidence is yet to come!
7 3 14
06:17 PM
Those Stamp fans who also maintain an ID at
7 1 6
12:50 AM
You either are or you aren't.
6 1 21
07:02 PM
A group for those of us who are forced to follow the Flames games at the wee hours of the morning or during work hours. Though there probably isn't a critical mass of us in a single city, I thought this group would also serve as a place to share where we are, and if luck has it, connect those who happen to be in the same place. Personally, I'm in Tokyo. Was a season ticket holder of the Flames through most of the bad times. Moved to Japan and mere weeks later we're in the Stanley Cup finals. Currently working in Tokyo at an ad agency, sneaking in games during (extended) lunch hours at work.
5 1 2
03:23 AM
5 1 6
09:03 PM
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