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10-13-2014, 12:11 PM
Account Permissions:

New accounts are restricted from posting new threads in the Fire on Ice subforum for a period of two weeks or until the account has 25 posts. This is to prevent spam and disruptive posts.


At Calgarypuck we don't want to get into the business of questioning anyone's character or integrity. However, unfounded, brief, information-less posts that come across as a guess or a post made to incite a riot works against Calgarypuck's image and reputation so we have to tread carefully.

If you get information .. state what it is. Heard it on the radio? Not good enough. What station, and what time, and by who? Saw it on TV? Same thing ... what channel? What pundit? in what context? Buddy that works at the Flames? Fair game but state that in your post.

When we see the information for what it is it can stand, because it's fair game. But a proclamation of a signing that everyone is waiting for without any back story? Very tough position for me and the moderators.

Personal Info:

We want to talk about hockey, not invade the privacy of people around the sport, or facilitate defamatory statements about them. This means we have to be really careful about posting unsubstantiated rumours that are potentially defamatory. If something is reported by a reputable media source, that elevates it out of the realm of "rumour" and innuendo. Stuff about players or NHL personalities that comes from blogs, Facebook, unverified twitter accounts or a friend of a friend may not be acceptable and may be deleted.