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Icon40 The Ducks out Fox the Pens and things get Serious in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Penguins have made two major deals:

After announcing that the Pens were looking to acquire a veteran center, the Pens took it among themselves to target a guy they wanted. However shortly after that happened the Ducks came knocking with an option that seemed to fit the bill on what the Pens needed in their lineup.

The Pens and Ducks struck a deal that sends Artemi Panarin and Adam Fox to the Ducks in exchange for captain serious Jonathan Toews and a 2nd round pick.

Toews is a guy that has always been a winner in the sim and NHL and a guy we felt we could use to insulate Mcdavid until he gets more experience.

With this deal the Pens had no room for Leon Draisaitl down the middle and found themselves with Vladimir Tarasenko and Patrick Kane already on the RW. Rather than stack the team beyond belief, the Pens decided to call up the Stars. A deal was struck quickly and the Pens brought in #1 pick Nico Hischier.

The sequence of deals put the Penguins "All in" this season. Look for them to add a veteran LW and a veteran D before the start of the season.

Thanks to Ravi and Turd for the easy talks.


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something else haha
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Good deal for both sides. Nice to see Toews leave the West and Ravi get a bit softer.

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wow...talking to Turds...dont know what to say anymore.
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Wow..... very interesting
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Why are you in my division?
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dang, Pens looking good. Devils might have to get shopping. Nice deals.
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Toews was a beast for Anaheim. Hopefully he falls off a cliff in Pittsburgh though.
That Pens squad is stacked and will be tough to beat.
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