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Default Network Security

What is everyone using these days for their network security? We have to replace or renew our Sonicwall soon, and I want to go a different route. I think a new Sonicwall with their subscription services with be around $3500. Looking for something with a comparable price.

Looking at a Cisco ASA with Firepower, and perhaps a subscription to Cisco Umbrella. I'm not sure why Cisco makes everything so complicated though. You'd think they would make a checklist for what kind of network I have, and then show me what they recommend.

I suppose if I went the ASA route, I would not need the Firepower subscription if I went with Cisco Umbrella, but for all I know it is the same thing.

But of course not sure how the whole subscription business works. Especially if I go the Cisco Umbrella route.
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We've been using Fortigate firewalls for more than a dozen years. It has done us well. The unit we have chosen is 2.5x the cost of what you're looking at, but they have smaller units that may work out for you.
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I have used Sonicwalls primarily for the last few years in my current gig, but we are switching to Watchguards. I have yet to personally get my hands on a device to see how they work, but early testing and performance with Azure VPNs is promising.

They are slightly more than a comparable Sonicwall, I think but I tend not to worry about the cost end of things as long as it is a good value. Penny wise, pound foolish kind of thing. Sonicwalls are bleeding us dry with idiotic problems like switching to European wireless settings on a firmware update, requiring multiple hours of work to get properly configured again in some cases, needing to build from scratch.

We also have issues getting them shipped on time, or them sending the wrong unit. Last year we had a site take 6 weeks to get a device replaced, and then when we upgraded another site for the same client they shipped out a demo unit.
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Depends on your needs and size of organization. We used Cisco ASAs and Firepower but its a big company. Regardless of subscription or not, you pay support on Cisco devices so it's still money out on a regular basis.
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Had an idea!
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We pulled the trigger on Cisco Umbrella. Still waiting to hear back how good it works, or what the end cost was. We had been using Blue Coat up till now for their filtering options.

Now have to decide what appliance we go with.
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FortiGate has bad customer service, terrible interface for configuring. Having gone through setting one up and its awkwardness for over 50 hours I could not recommend.

Has problems processing many websites with https ssl ...

Once you do get it configured it does work well.
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I have used Palo Alto in the past (not sure about the pricing) and found it to be very effective. Their cloud sourcing AV solution seemed to work very well.
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