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Originally Posted by getbak View Post
Carrie Fisher's brother and daughter have given permission for Disney to use previously-shot footage in Episode IX. They won't be using any digitally created footage of her.
At Celebration on the weekend, Kathleen Kennedy clarified this story. Carrie's scenes were all filmed for Episode VIII and she will appear as shot and they won't have to try to do any digital manipulation to make her fit into this movie.

However, Leia won't be appearing in Episode IX at all. There is no unused footage available that they can just throw into the movie. There is currently no script for Episode IX because they are still finishing the final editing for VIII.
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Also I believe that Rey has previous training, Kylo somehow unlocked or unhinged this part of her mind, maybe it was also when she touched the light saber and had that vision. But either way she had awareness of the force and knew she could do these things but just wasn't sure how she knew. Learning how to trick someone with the force seems like the first thing a little kid would want to learn and exploit for more blue milk and cookies.

I think Luke mind blocked her and left her on Jakku for her own protection, similar to how he was left on Tatooine. Maybe in this second movie we even find out that she DID have a protector on Jakku but it died, or was left unaware during her confrontation.. or a force ghost was watching over and guiding her. Will Luke have a moment where he talks to Ben the way Yoda did in ESB? "She is to old." "You will be. You willllll beee..."
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