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Originally Posted by Meelapo View Post
For those that are building new PCs is it good to advice those people to wait for AMDs video card offering before purchasing a video card? Or have the specs for the 10X0 cards surpassed anything that AMD will offer?
Whenever someone asks this, I picture a skeleton in a lawnchair outside a BestBuy covered in cobwebs.

AMD will always have some "NVIDIA Beater" lined up, and it will start to build buzz, and then NVIDIA will announce a tweaked version of their flagship card, lower all their prices, price the new card the same as the previous flagship, and go right on doing what they've been doing for the last 13 years, being top dog in a pound of 2.

AMD is good if you don't want NVIDIA. NVIDIA is good if you want to pay to be the best. Neither are bad options these days.

Originally Posted by MrMastodonFarm View Post
Settle down there, Temple Grandin.
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The game changer for me between nvidia and amd is heat and smaller cases.

My nvidia cards in small cases never seem to get as hot.
Originally Posted by btimbit View Post
lol Sbisa and Trampkyn comparing ass kickings
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This is Nvidia's April Fools "joke". Yeah it's fake, but I seriously want that thumb drive.

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The new goggles also do nothing.
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Between this and the ASUS one ( for my next monitor looks like.

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Oh my God, yes please. I can't wait to buy my next monitor. Gonna be pricey but soooo worth it.
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Make it into a 34" Ultrawide and I'm sold, otherwise it has everything I want for my new PC, which I started putting together tonight.

As we know RGB is directly correlated to FPS, and I may have taken it a little far.
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