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Anyone here still sticking with the program?
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I've fallen off hard, I need to get back to it.

I just got too busy with other things and my day filled up.

Its a lame excuse since the longest workout is about 45 minutes.

Yeah I suck.
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Originally Posted by taco.vidal View Post
Anyone here still sticking with the program?
I do it occasionally to supplement going to the gym and playing sports.
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I really fell off. I separated my shoulder one year ago and I couldn't properly shoot a puck until this past January. I couldn't do one pushup without pain until just this week. DDPYoga workouts have slowburn pushups so I didn't workout much for the last year.

I'll be getting back on this program though, and if pushups become an issue then I'll stick with just doing Stand Up and Red Hot Core.

Since this thread I think DDPYoga 2.0 was released. I purchased it a few months ago, but haven't touched it.

You can also use the DDPYoga Now app for small fee similar to the cost of NetFlix. You get a free 3 month trial if you buy the DVDs.

I'm interested to hear if anybody else is still doing this.

My wife and her mother do DDPYoga two mornings per week and have been doing so for the last 2 years.
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bang! , ddpyoga , guys do yoga too , not your mama's yoga , yrg

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