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Flash Walken
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Originally Posted by nik- View Post
He took off when Walt started killing people. He thought he killed Huell.

Huell is still sitting in that room waiting for Hank and Gomez.
He seemed to have a negative/fearful reaction to the faceless badge as Gene.
Originally Posted by btimbit View Post
lol Sbisa and Trampkyn comparing ass kickings
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Originally Posted by troutman View Post
I hope Chuck stays around - McKean is such a great actor and Chuck is an awesome character. Talk after the show was that he meant for Ernesto to hear the tape. I did not think of it that way.
No doubt that was on purpose. He hat hit the play button, and had it cued to the right spot so when the batteries went in it started playing. The smile at the end sealed the intentional act.

Not sure the end game on that though.
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Finally watched Monday's episode, and it didn't disappoint. I'm really starting to dislike Chuck. Dude is such a vindictive bastard.
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Don't get me wrong I really like the show - but for me it's all about Mike Ehrmantraut
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I liked that episode. I like Mike, but I feel like most of the Mike storyline is him following somebody or surveilling from his car. I think the most compelling scenes are with Jimmy right now.

The drop-off / pick-up scene reminded of the BB episode when Mike takes Jesse out on that run.
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Erick Estrada
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I loved that episode. It really hit hard at the end when Jimmy realized that Chuck duped him into incriminating himself. Great to see Gus back.
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breaking bad , saul goodman

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