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Default Day 89 Results

Day 89
669 Calgary Flames (0) vs Dallas Stars (3)
670 L.A. Kings (5) vs New York Islanders (2)
671 Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs Philadelphia Flyers (4) (R3)
672 San Jose Sharks (3) vs Detroit Red Wings (2)
673 Edmonton Oilers (5) vs Nashville Predators (1)
674 Ottawa Senators (3) vs Buffalo Sabres (2) - OT
675 New Jersey Devils (5) vs Washington Capitals (3)
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The Pens blow a big chance to move up the standings with a horrible 2nd period and some subpar goaltending. Ryan Murray goes down with another injury as well. Not a good day for the Pens.

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Took OT but finally another win, finally generating some shots again as well.
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Good chemistry early from Ovechkin and Seguin. We are encouraged by this result and...

For the very first time this season, the Sharks are in a playoff spot, leapfrogging the crappy Blue Jackets!

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We were nervous about this game. After all that ribbing about sinking ships, the Pens have slowly been closing the points gap, and we feared they would leap frog us in the standings.
Thankfully, that didn't happen.
We started the first 2 periods with goals in the the first 100 seconds of each. The boys had a great 2nd but this was a disgustingly close game, stats wise, against a great squad and we're thankful to walk away with 2 points.
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