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Default Slight problem with ratings

When updating the sim today I noticed that some of the OVR ratings have shifted slightly since I made the first output. Most of the players are the same but there are cases where someone has moved up or down by 1 point.
None of the individual attributes have changed - which is what defines how a player performs in the sim. However, I want to make sure everyone has the correct ratings for contract amounts.
I'm trying to figure out why the OVR shifts have happened and get some support from our ratings package provider.
Either I will get this corrected, or I will upload a new file that shows the updated ratings. Again, from what I can see some players have moved by 1 or in some very rare cases 2 points.
Sorry for this.
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After reading the thread title I was hoping for a 1 word answer.

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something else haha
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So I imagine we should hold off submitting our RFA offers until we figure this out?

I am pretty sure we had this same problem last season and we just went off the excel for contract values and lived with the small OVR changes.

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Yes and after looking at it more that is what I think we should do here. Several things in the sim can impact the ovr calc. Again it is the individual attributes that define a players effectiveness and ovr is merely intended to provide a basic sense of players relative to each other. I don't even know what I did to cause the shift but it is highly probable it could happen again. This is one reason several leagues hide ovr altogether.
So my recommendation is we go with the original spreadsheet as the source of record for contracts and the waiver cutoff. Any questions?
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