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Lomachenko is incredible to watch.
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Originally Posted by Senator Clay Davis View Post
I'm actually digging this rumored undercard. Might make this thing worth a buy

Best part is that they are actually doing Michael Phelps vs a Shark as part of Shark Week this year.
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I'm just disappointed we didn't get Cavemen vs Astronauts II.
If you were given the option to pay 45 cents to predict the outcome of a coin flip, and if correct in your prediction you win a dollar, you may lose 45 cents on the first try. You may even lose 90 cents after the second try. But if you keep betting, you'll end up ahead in the long term. This is the value of analytics. They do not describe destiny, only the likeliest result.
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What a circus of a show. Mayweather gets his 50-0 and mcgregor his payday.

More than likely mayweather will have fighters from his stable on the undercard for exposure so dont expect the undercard to make up for the one sided main event.
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Originally Posted by Senator Clay Davis View Post
Well besides Floyd, Canelo and Joshua are the two biggest PPV stars right now, Canelo just did over a million against Cesar Chavez Jr., and Joshua did a million buys in the UK against Klitchsko (albeit for around $30 USD on UK PPV). GGG is great but he's been ducked so much he's never been in a truly big fight. GGG should bring in the fairweather fan of course, he (and Canelo) are stalking fighters with tremendous power and they go for the finish all the time. Really the guy who should be the next superstar is Lomachenko, he is insane and could end up top ten all-time or even top five. He was the only thing worth watching on the Manny-Floyd card.

Boxing should be like WWE back in the day, have four major events a year, charge $80 but have three top quality fights. Could easily do 2 million PPVs with good matchups, so everyone who fights makes eight figures. But too many promoters, too many belts, too many guys afraid to fight the best. It's pretty much horse racing now, most people don't care outside the major events, but it still makes more money than you'd think.
The way Lomachenko boxes is just insane to watch. He makes professionals look like it's their first time in the ring with his timing, footwork and feints.
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Originally Posted by CorsiHockeyLeague View Post
I'm just disappointed we didn't get Cavemen vs Astronauts II.
Nice Angel reference?

Good Night America . . . Wherever you are
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