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Default Goalie Equipment


Apologize if this is the right place for this, but I was wondering if anyone had any contacts to get a quote for some used goalie equipment. I'm moving and looking to sell my goalie gear as I haven't used it in several years. The equipment is good, but is several years old now. I recall what I paid for it, but I have no idea what I could reasonably get for it now. Anyone have any experience in getting the most reasonable price? A used sporting goods store here in Calgary? Online, etc?

For specifics:
- 34" Koho 490 Senior Goalie Pads (Black and White) - Condition: Used but good
- Koho 490 Senior Glove and Blocker (Black and White) - Condition: Used but very good
- ITECH "Devil" Senior goalie mask- Condition: Used but very good
- ITECH Junior Chest Protector- Condition: Used and "playable"
- Heaton Goalie Pants- Condition: Used and "playable"
- Reebok Carbon Fibre Goalie Stick (no idea on the model) - Condition: Used and good

I have some vague ideas of what I paid for these, but it was over 10 years ago. All of the gear is game ready and doesn't require any maintenance.

Any help is appreciated!
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I used to be heavily involved in both new and used goalie gear so I might be able to help. Unfortunately, the introduction of cheap new equipment made off shore has completely killed the market for used equipment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your whole set is likely only worth a couple hundred bucks. I don't think there'd be any interest in the mask, pants or chest pad, but you might be able to sell the pads and gloves. You can look at donating them to a local association. I had a pretty much brand new set of pads and gloves that I just wanted to get rid of and no one was interested in it at all.
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You have any pictures? I maybe interested in the Koho gear along with the mask, through I've got one question is the blocker and glove for a full righty?!
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'Play It Again Sports' will put it on consignment for you. I bought a blocker there last year, I think goalie gear (if in good shape) moves pretty quickly there.

I'd be interested in your glove and blocker if you're splitting them up.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not interested in selling anything but the whole set. Have never figured out how to post photos on the site, but can provide them if you PM me for those that are interested.

Also- Glove hand is the standard left hand

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