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Witnessed a strange one last year between two atom teams in the playoffs.

Game is in OT. Team A has a player pulled down on a breakaway. He is too hurt to take the penalty shot so one of his teammates does and scores. The team celebrates. The other team is dejected. They shake hands at centre ice and depart. Game over.

The Zamboni does its thing, the next two teams take the ice and are warming up when they are pulled off the ice. The coach of the losing team had appealed (sucessfully I presume) that the player that took the PS was not on the ice and came off the bench to do so. Apparently the players were half undressed when they were told that they were returning.

Game restarts with the PS being taken by the player that was taken down. He scores, and they leave the ice again.

Thought that was the end of it when before our game later in the week I spot the same two teams playing again. Apparently the league made them replay the whole thing. The losing team won.

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Originally Posted by Bagor View Post
Is this a rule specific to your local association?
Makes sense if there was no goalie. Six skaters with an empty net. Five skaters during a penalty kill with an empty net.
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Boys MAAA are basically through their second round of playoffs now and into the division finals (north and south).

Female MAAA start playoffs this weekend by the looks of it.

The road to their respective national championships is underway.
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So just a quick update on the Elite stream playoffs for those who are interested:

Female Midge AAA held their Provincials Tournament over the weekend. St. Albert defeated Rocky Mountain Raiders in the final and move on to take on the winner of Northern (Prince George I believe) and Greater Vancouver for the Pacific Region championship. Winner of this goes to the Esso Cup for nationals.

Male Midget AAA best of 5 just started yesterday. Leduc vs. Strathmore. Winner plays the BC Champion for the right to move on to nationals.
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