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Originally Posted by CorsiHockeyLeague View Post
That is a good idea. Where do you get something like that, though?
I got mine from a guy who makes alterations and repairs to gortex/camp equipment but you might even be able to get some at a place like Fannie's fabrics.
Originally Posted by btimbit View Post
lol Sbisa and Trampkyn comparing ass kickings
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Originally Posted by malcolmk14 View Post
I bought Food Chain Magnate yesterday and am expecting it to arrive Wednesday. Going to try to play it on Saturday.
I came close to picking this up, but I was frightened off by the reports of the steep learning curve - not mechanically, but in terms of effective gameplay. Apparently, it's the kind of game you need to play repeatedly with the same group so everyone is climbing the learning curve together, because bad decisions early can scupper your entire game and a player who has played three times will wipe the floor with someone who has played twice.

Still, it sounds very intriguing. Let us know how it plays.

I played a family Christmas present yesterday - Mission Red Planet. Highly recommended. Straightforward (my 9 year olds caught on right away), with lots of interaction and laughs.
Originally Posted by fotze View Post
If this day gets you riled up, you obviously aren't numb to the disappointment yet to be a real fan.
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Is anyone here interested in doing some blind playtesting of a game I've been working on? It was a finalist for the Canadian Game Design Awards last year, just won the Ion Award for best Strategy Game, and is a finalist for the Cardboard Edison Award next month. I've started to get some interest from publishers, but I want to get in a bit more blind playtesting before I start sending it out. Blind playtesting would mean you get the game, play it without me present, and then provide notes on the playtest; video or audio recording of the session is also useful, but not required.

It's a cooperative deduction detective game for 1-4 players; you can learn more here. Send me a PM if interested!
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I'm looking for Arkham Horror card game no luck at The Sentry Box or Revolution games.
Unless anyone can point me to a store with it in stock I guess I might have to buy on the internet.
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Anyone play Kingdom Death Monster? I have an old roommate that has a copy he is looking to sell. I know I would probably be playing this game solo (not in our game groups wheelhouse, yet) and have been watching some youtube videos on it. It looks like it is pretty intense, but not sure if it is worth dropping that kind of cash on.
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I looked at it, like you said looks intense. I thought of it as for a hard core dnd group that was looking for a miniatures/board game combo. Not really for a casual group looking to cut their teeth on the genre or a solo play.

I am sure it is an enjoyable game though, it looks really well designed.
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