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Man, just got back from a week of tennis at Rogers Cup. What an amazing experience.

If anyone's a hardcore tennis fan, I really recommend the series ticket. They give you a ticket pack so you can pretty much pick and choose which sessions you want to go to. I went to every session, but some of the less hardcore tennis fans on the trip scalped off a couple sessions and did their own thing.

It's amazing because we managed to follow all the cool little stories. The Shapovalov matches before the crazy one with Nadal, we followed Schwartzmann from upsetting Thiem to the quarters. Watched tons of great matches and upsets, AND got to see Federer multiple times. Great experience.

To be fair, I think we got pretty lucky, because if we had the same pack to Cincy it would've been completely different through the depleted field, but still.
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it's Kygrios though...there's a high probability that he had planned to just play video games tonight and is pissed off he has to show up for another match. in terms of professionalism, there could not possibly be two players further apart on the spectrum than him and Rafa...well except maybe Tomic and Roger.
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I'm a little surprised and disappointed Kyrgios won. He was on the edge of a full-blown temper tantrum at 5-5 in that second set tiebreak. Very surprised to see him pull himself back together.

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Kyrgios is probably a bigger threat to win the US Open than Zverev is. His problem as always is motivation and mental strength, but as we see tonight when he's on he's very tough to beat, especially when he's dominating on serve like he did tonight.
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