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Flames Flames vs Oilers - 7:30 - SNet-W

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The oilers have actually been playing well. I don't even know if I'll get a chance to watch this tonight and that doesn't even bother me at this point
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Heavy Jack
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I know a lot of people want a top 5 pick, and that we have to lose in order to get it. I'm one of those people who feels that a top 5 pick is what this team needs most. But I don't care about that the next two games. Just win boys.
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i have been fine with watching the team lose to get closer and closer to 30th, but losing to Edmonton is unacceptable.

These mofo's best show up tonight.
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Shoe is on the other foot for the first time in a loooooong time. Flames turn to be the one with the opportunity to spoil the Oilers playoff hopes (which remain a longshot although become a lot more realistic if they can pull off two wins here...are absolutely crushed with two losses).

C'mon Flames...there is some serious talent in the top 3-4 draft picks this year....please just let us win...and after all you have done to us these last few years it's the least we could ask for.

I think I saw a tweet that this will be the first BoA without Jarome Iginla since Jan 2007.

I think the Oil win tonight...but then lose in OT or SO for the rematch in Calgary.
Mongo - Two Time "I am from Edmonton" Champion on Mike Richards in the Morning
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Table 5
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Yeah, I dunno about this. As much as I'm a fan of the Drive for 30th, I just don't know if I can watch the Oilers beat us (two times in a row mind you) and still feel clean. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Glencross with 2.
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Flame Of Liberty
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so who will be the first to say it?

I am not against giving Edmonton false hope because it will only be sweeter watch them come up short down the road while Flames pick top 2 (Florida looks to be a tough cookie)

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Just end this season already!
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Flames are humiliated like never before. 7-2 Oilers.
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The drive for 30th is in full effect tonight. 4-2 Oilers
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Gotta beat the Oilers. Go Flames Go.
"Things have been particularly tame today, not enough hate flowing right now. More of a hate creek than a hate river." - Blaster86
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Go Flames Go Must beat down the grease spots.

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Oilers win 3-1 and Flames are one step closer to last
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flames win 4-3.

For posters that want top 5 pick and want the flames to lose, dont worry the remaining schedule will take care of that. Flames are not going to lose every game going forward, and this is one of the games they will win.
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6-2 oilers. Seasons all but done.
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No matter how dark the days have become being a Flames fan, beating the Oilers always puts a smile on my face, so just do it. Give us something.
Pass the bacon.
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Beat Edmonton and Vancouver. Lose the rest.
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Didn't they stop Bumfights and throw the promoter in jail? Katz and Edwards, there are cells waiting for you.
You can't reason someone out of an opinion that they didn't reason themselves into.
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Well I'll have an optimistic outlook. Oilers win, they are closer to playoff spot. Flames win, they're further away from the lottery. Win-win for both sides.

Good luck tonight!
I would take Sequin 10 time out of 10 before I took Hall, I said it on draft day that drafting Hall over the TS was possibly one of the dumbest moves that Lowe made
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You have to beat Edmonton. Go Flames
‏"The world is in no fit state to deal with a tomorrow without Philipp Lahm on the pitch" -- Stefan Bienkowski
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battle_of_alberta , beatthekids , winwinwinwinwinwin , winwinwinwinwinwinwin , winwinwinwinwinwinwinwin

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