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Has anyone seen the 'Oilers PR staff infiltrating HFBoards' thread over on HF? Link

Originally Posted by Kennedy2013

I have it on very good authority that the Oilers have hired a private PR/Social media company based out of Vancouver. The goal of the campaign is to promote the promise and the upside of the Oilers, while highlighting the great work of the management team under difficult circumstances and the respect of the Oilers management team around the NHL. The firm has talking notes from the Oilers and were given a list of message boards to visit and post. These are third party so called social media experts working on behalf of the Oilers. The responses will be very generic and pro Oilers.

Originally Posted by Oilersdynasty14

Thanks for the article 'OurHometown', I agree with many points made in the article and hope the Oiler fans can reflect on the possible consequences of such a mob movement. If anyone is concerned with Lowes qualifications it would be worthwhile to look up his resume once again. There's a lot of conversation about Lowes vices but people are ignoring a whole resume of experience and success. For more regarding Lowe's career see the provided link.

Originally Posted by Oilersdynasty14

Hi Mr. Positive, this is precisely why I think Lowe can't be blamed, he's following a patter of events with varying success. Just because it hasn't happened exactly like Pits burghs rebuild doesn't mean he needs to be thrown out of a job. Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by Oilersdynasty14

Good to see how many people are sided with the trades today, I think MacT is doing a great job. Listen you guys have to admit whether you like him or not that Lowes best move yet might be hiring MacT to run the show.

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